Stopped here on my way to work this morning! Picked up a dozen delicious doughnuts and one beerock for myself... DELICIOUS! I will be returning soon... !! Thanks!
Best donut shop in town
I have been to quite a few local and not so local shops and these are literally the best I've ever had. After the first bite I was hooked and my search for the best donut is over. The owners are so nice too. It's clean inside but still feels comfortable.
Went for the first time today. Very friendly staff and delicious donuts. Will definitely be coming back.
Best donuts I have had in a long time. The lady was French and sooo nice. She gave me an extra donut for being a military veteran
Good donuts. We visited for the first time today to try our standards: one glazed for our son, a chocolate old-fashioned for me, a blueberry old-fashioned for my husband, and a maple bar to split. The old-fashioneds were crispy around the edges, but soft on the inside and neither was too greasy. I prefer my chocolate old-fashioned with a little more icing dripping down the sides, but it was still good. My husband and my son both said their donuts were good too. The maple bar was soft and the icing had good flavor, but again, I like my icings to be a little thicker and dripping down the sides a bit. I will return to try some other donuts.
Love their donuts! I was there with my daughter last week by chance. The owner was really nice and gave us a few extra donuts. I brought home a dozen of mixed flavor donuts. My family was extremely impressed. The texture was fluffy and light. The fresh blueberries filling was delicious and quickly became my favorite. My daughters loved the raspberry, sugar and maple flavors. Normally, donuts don't taste so good when you leave them out for half a day. These donuts, however, stayed fresh and fluffy for days.
The decor is so cute and the donuts are great. Family owned place, so I'll be here again soon!